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About Upload

Managing your files is easier with the help of With the help of this website, you can handle your files by creating backups, conveniently send those that have large sizes, and easily share the ones needed by your colleagues. You can upload any kind of document from Microsoft (Word, Excel, Note, PowerPoint, etc.) to PDF, music, and video files. Remember that all of the files that you upload to this website will be confidential and can’t be publicly accessible. The website is using highly secure servers to protect your files from hackers that want to exploit such information.

The downside in this website is you can’t use their services for free. You need to create an account using your e-mail address and provide a username and a password. Once you got an account, you will still have a limited access to their services. You will only get 50GB storage space, only one parallel download, 80kbps download speed, waiting time of 30 seconds, you can only download 1 file per 3 hours, and you can’t resume your incomplete downloads.

To get the best from, you should get a Premium account. For just $15.99, you can have 30 days of unlimited downloads and speed, no more waiting time, no restrictions, you can resume unfinished downloads, and get 500GB storage space. The longest period available is 365 days, which only costs $89.99. You can access your files whatever device you are using. You just have to log in on your account and you will have the ability to upload, download, share, and open your files. The available payment methods are MasterCard, Visa, WebMoney, BitCoin, and through the official resellers and No need to worry about your financial information because all of these are guaranteed to be 100% safe and secured.

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