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Manage your files without any hassle with the help of Furthermore, you no longer need to worry about storage because you can have unlimited space. With, you can have unlimited space, fast download, and useful applications. For only €5 you can get 20,000MB data. The good thing about their plans is that you can use it whenever you want as long as you still have remaining data, unlike other websites that use time. Other plans are €8 for 37,500MB, €12 for 70,000MB, €23 for 150,000MB, €33 for 240,000MB, and €40 for 340,000MB. You can easily pay for your plan using different payment methods including credit cards, bank transfer, PaySafe card, BitCoin, and vouchers. The vouchers can be paid using credit cards, SMS, or bank transfer. After paying, you will receive the coupon code through your e-mail address and it is valid up to 3 months after your purchase.

One of the most notable features in is the additional tools that you can download. These tools include a mobile app for Android, file manager for computers, and plug-ins for your browsers. The mobile app can be installed on smartphones and tablets. It can help users to have easy and quick access to and manage your files. Therefore, you can search, download, or share your files with your friends and colleagues. The FileManager makes downloading and uploading of your files to and from your computer effortless. It has the following features: pausing of the download and upload queue, slow down the upload queue, automatic file upload, Windows integration, and much more. You don’t have to worry about malware because several antivirus programs were used to check it. Lastly, the plug-in can be used to search files in using your internet browser. The plug-in is available for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

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