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About Share-Online

If you want a file hosting site that comes with practically no complicated steps to take, Share-Online is as decent a choice as any. It doesn’t come with some unique properties as it is pretty much the same as most other reliable file hosting service providers. Then again, there really isn’t a good reason not to use it either since it does have convenient uploads, fast downloads, and is really easy to use.

Save And Share Files Online

This might not be the most exciting proposition when it comes to online file hosting, but it is pretty straightforward in what it is meant to do. You can save and share files online with data that might be too big to send via email or to share via social media. This is particularly important for those who are working on really important documents that also contain images and videos since those can be a problem in terms of file size and security.

Plenty Of Security

When sending anything online, the most important aspect that you’ll need to think about is really just the security. You don’t want just anyone to get a good look at the files that you are sending and you certainly don’t want anyone to steal private information that might be on those files. Share-Online offers a pretty decent level of security that addresses those matters.

Easy File Management

With most other file hosting sites, all you can really do is upload files, share them, and then delete them. If you want to do more with the files that you uploaded, you can count on the file management system at Share-Online to provide you with exactly what you need.

2GB At Best

Then we come to the crux of the matter. If you want to upload files bigger than 2GB, you’re out of luck. That’s the maximum capacity offered even to premium members.

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