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About Rapidu

Choosing the file hosting site that customers will use can be a bit complicated if they don’t really know how to go about it. There are plenty of chances to learn, of course, but a lot of money and time can be saved by simply have the right information from the get go. When using Premium Link Generator or file sharing services, there are really only a handful of things that people need to keep in mind, which has a rather good grasp on.

A good example of how exemplifies an excellent file storage site is the speed with which uploads and downloads can be done. For a lot of reasons, people need to be able to retrieve their files or store them without waiting too long. A considerable number of today’s internet users have no patience, which is why makes it a point to make its connection blazing fast.

Of course, high speed downloads and uploads are only to be expected in today’s internet industry. Otherwise, a file hosting site could only expect to fail. Fortunately, also excels in other aspects that should be normal fare for file sharing service providers, including complete privacy, anonymity, and security. In the current internet climate, the importance of these aspects simply cannot be overstated.

Users who upload or download files from can basically expect that their identities will not be compromised. The same goes for their devices since the contents are guaranteed to contain no spyware or malware, which can cause serious harm on computers or smartphones used to use the services of

The storage size available to users are huge, as well, which is yet another feature that should be normal for file hosting sites. With plenty of gigabytes to spare, users can upload and store as many files to their accounts and at any size as they want at, especially if they have premium accounts.

Speaking of the huge advantages of those with premium accounts, users can also turn to Premium Link Generator for much better perks. For one thing, all the premium features of become available to customers of PLG while only paying for one premium account. Not just, there are also dozens of similarly excellent file hosting sites that become accessible to users. Again, this is all with just one account. The sheer advantage in number of options makes PLG infinitely superior compared to other file hosting services.

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