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About Nosvideo

Videos have large sizes and take up too much space on your computer and other storage devices. Good thing that there is where you can upload, share, and stream videos. The best thing is you can use their services for free. All you have to do is to create your account using your e-mail address or your accounts from Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or VK. You can easily access your video – whether you are using your computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone – by simply signing in to your account. Aside from viewing the videos, you can also manage and share it with other users.

One of the best things about video streaming in this website is that you won’t have to suffer from buffering of your videos. Unlike other file hosting websites, has a very fast transfer speed of downloads. You can start watching a video without downloading the whole file due to the optimize quality and size of it; plus you can play it in any kind of web player. In addition, you can upload all kinds of video files. However, it is important to remember that the only restriction is uploading copyrighted materials, pornography, nudity, and other kinds of videos that are deemed as offensive.

If you are interested in being popular on the internet, gaining followers and friends, and earning money then you should use Nosvideo Rewards. All you have to do is upload a video and get tons of views from other people. You can earn $40, $25, or $2.5 for receiving 10,000 views. The amount that you will receive will depend on the country where you will gain views for your videos. You can increase views by promoting your videos using social media sites, forums, and blogs. Note that there are some restrictions in the Rewards program including the file size and payout. To make your videos eligible for rewards, the file size should be more than 10MB. Remember that the minimum payout for your reward is $10.

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