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About HitFile

If you want to upload or download files without having to do any of the annoying payments and stuff, you can certainly do this with HitFile. Not only does the site offer free services that allow for easy file sharing, you can also get access to sizes that are not offered in other sites. This is great if you need to share files on a regular basis but don’t really have the kind of budget that would allow for regular payments. Then again, if you do have the money, why not?

Talking about the features that you get when you use the services of HitFile, there are three main ways for you to upload your files. One is the direct approach where you simply drag and drop your files or add them via the main page. You could also upload via your browser if the file is in another location. As long as it is yours and as long as the source allows it, the file will be uploaded. Then there’s the matter of FTP, which quite a few people will definitely find useful.

For those who are interested, uploading files on the site is fairly convenient as well because there is a max limit of 4GB, so that’s neat. You won’t need to break it up into several pieces, which would require an external application if you don’t have a suitable one on hand. It would also make tasks like uploading multiple files with large sizes a lot easier as well.

If you really want to get the most out of your experience with HitFile, you may want to go the Premium route as well. After all, with unlimited download speed, no waiting time, and a bunch of other perks, they are definitely worth the few bucks that you need to shell out. 

Speaking of shelling out a few bucks, you may want to go with Premium Link Generator for all of your file sharing and storage needs since you get all of these perks and more anyway. It’s great for when you need to upload files to multiple service providers through just one portal.

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