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About GigaPeta

Sometimes it can get annoying, especially if you have to upload files one by one to a storage and download site. GigaPeta has eliminated that problem by introducing a mass uploader. This means that you get to select many files before hitting the upload button. It becomes easy to upload many files from different locations on the personal computer fast. They too have an amazing way by which people can earn money from their site. Simply share your files with people to earn more money. People earn money based on the country of origin for the traffic and number of downloads. It is the reason why many people will try to share as much as possible in order to earn more money.

For people having any questions about GigaPeta works, visit their FAQ section. Here you will learn about their services and other features incorporated on the website. Sometimes if the section does not have all the answers you need, contact the company using the support form. They will get back to you within a short time with all the answers needed. The service rules are quite easy to read and understand. They always advise people to learn about the rules before using their site. Breaking any of their rules might lead to some penalties.

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