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Having a hard time sending a large file? Do you need to create a backup for your files? Or you’re running out of storage space on your computer? No need to worry because you can do all of these in’s free account. However, the services will be limited to only one simultaneous download, 120 seconds waiting time, very slow download speed, and maximum file size that you can download is 2048MB. For better services, you can create your account using your e-mail address together with a username and password. Your account will gain 50GB storage space, slow download speed, and reduction of waiting time for 90 seconds. The best services are offered for users who have premium accounts. It will have maximum download speed; unlimited simultaneous downloads, maximum file size, and storage volume; no more waiting time and captcha; be able to use download software support and resume incomplete downloads; and have full data and traffic encryption.

Users can upload any type of files or data as long as it follows the requirements in the Terms of Service. The maximum file size that you can upload is 4GB, which you can’t do in other e-mail services. Your files will be stored in your account for some time depending on the type of your account. Free users can store their files up to 30 days while the premium account can store it up to 90 days. The countdown will start from the last time that you download the file. You can be assured that all files that you upload in are safe and secured because they are using the latest technology that can fully encrypt that connection between your device and the website. Therefore, hackers won’t be able to access your files or compromise the connection in any way. You can only share your files with other users by using the URL assigned to it. Each file has its own URL which you can see in the My Files menu of your account. Simply send the link to the person you want to transfer the file.

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