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About AnaFile

AnaFile is of the oldest file storage and sharing services, and has been in the business for a long time, which is probably the best proof that anyone could ask for that this is one reliable service provider. Its services are also worthy of note because of how varied they are and they are worth looking into before using them. For starters, while there is a free service available for users, there are a lot of restrictions when going for that route.

The upload size limit will be 50MB each, but you can break them up into 10 files and upload them individually that way. When downloading, however, you are allowed to get up to 98GB each day, which really isn’t all that bad. You also need to wait for 40 seconds before you can download files, which can really suck. 

You could solve a lot of these problems with a registered account, which increases the upload size to up to 1GB, you get an extra 100GB in downloads, and you get a storage space that can hold up to 488GB. The delay will also be reduced to 3 seconds, which is absolutely bearable, and your files are kept around for up to 60 days since their last download.

Now that we touched on the benefits of just free and registered services, let’s take a look at what you can get when you go the paid route. For starters, your upload size limits goes up to 2GB, you get unlimited storage space, and you never have to wait for your downloads to start. The amount of files
that you can download become unlimited as well, so you can go ahead and go nuts on movie or photo downloads.

You don’t need to deal with those annoying CAPTCHAs and ads either, which is always great. Download resume becomes an option too. Speaking of which, when you use the services of Premium Link Generator, you don’t need to worry about any of these. You get full benefits plus access to other file
sharing services in one place.

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