About us

It all started with our wild imagination
We acknowledged that cloud is the future, but saw much more potential in it. When everybody was just storing files in their online drives, synching them with their mobiles and sharing them with others, we imagined something that would push this cloud experience to a whole new Level. Something like a 'Genius Servant' that would work for you: interconnect all your cloud space to have endless storage and one window simplicity!
Who Are We
Our website, Premiumlinkgenerator.com, is owned by Rebelinternet. Our services are about providing clients with a vast selection of file hosting sites. This is to ensure that users have as many options to choose from in terms of the file hosting sites that they can use, which then allows them to download or store media from as many sources as they want.
What Do We Offer
Our services are largely involved in offering numerous file hosting platforms for clients to choose from while paying for only one premium account. This removes the requirement to have multiple accounts on multiple file hosting sites, which can be a hassle to keep track of. Aside from the convenience that this arrangement comes with, clients also save a lot of money by paying for only one premium fee instead of multiple fees from multiple file hosting service providers.
How We Make Money
We at Premium Link Generator partner with select Download Managers in order to earn our revenue. Through Paid Membership and Gigabyte plans, we are able to earn the necessary amount of funds to keep the site operational and serve clients in a more comfortable manner.
Our vision
Was to change the way people work, store and download. We basically wanted to create a service that is user friendly, inexpensive and smart. In other words: we tried to reinvent, redefine and upgrade the whole experience you, the user, have with the cloud. We wanted to give a user the Benefit of Simplicity: an access to all their cloud space with a single account!
Our staff
is a very committed group of highly qualified programming, web-design and marketing specialists. All of us share the same values of building advanced software that will make people's lives easier. Our main principle is simply to create great software, satisfying the needs of the Internet users.

Meet some of our experts

Maurice Tinkler - Software Developer
Jeannettee Tschida - Marketing Specialist
Our experts, Jeannettee Tschida and Maurice Tinkler have looked at the data with regards to using premium link generators as opposed to multiple file hosting sites individually and have consistently found premium link generators to be the better option. Looking at their opinions and expertise will help clients get a better understanding of why premium link generators are so much better than the alternative.
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